ECITA is proud to introduce the Industry Standard of Excellence Audit Programme (ISE). Using the ISE Guidebook, ECITA members are rigorously tested in all aspects of the regulatory requirements for the safe and legal sale of electronic cigarette products.

Eliquid Testing



As well as the internal auditing procedures, each member’s eliquid is regularly tested by GC/MS with isotope dilution analysis at a Public Analyst's lab, to ensure that nicotine levels are as stated, and that there are no contaminants in the liquid – in bottled liquid, pre-filled cartridges and cartomisers. In order to ensure that there can be no doubt as to the authenticity of the test results, the samples are ‘blinded’ before being sent to the lab. This means that the lab does not know what is expected to be found in the eliquid, and the gas chromatography/mass spectrometry results must be relied upon to provide the results in isolation. The blinding process allows us to monitor the lab’s results, and keep the standards as high as possible. In this way, consumers can be reassured that when they buy from an ECITA member, they know the eliquid contains only what it should. All samples are specifically checked for the presence of diethylene glycol and so far none has been found.


Child-Proof Testing


The ECITA membership is also carrying out testing of its products to verify that the child-proof measures work as intended. These products are tested at a public analyst’s laboratory, by an expert in the field of child-resistance testing. Specific tests are undertaken to check the products for leaks; they are subjected to a ‘drop’ test; and they are tested for their tensile strength. The laboratory is then able to provide a report of the tests, together with an expert opinion as to whether or not the product is deemed child-proof.


Weights & Measures


There are some very strict requirements in the law to protect consumers from being sold less than they believe they are buying. To test this, ECITA’s regulatory consultancy team developed a specific protocol to calibrate the density of the eliquid, so that significant quantities of bottles in any given batch can be weighed to ensure that they contain the stated quantity of eliquid.


Trading Standards described the ISE as “…a Code any industry would be proud to have.”