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Policy & Regulations

What does ECITA do?

Here at ECITA, we take our responsibilities very seriously, and believe the whole Electronic Cigarette Industry should do the same. ECITA offers over 7 years' experience, and we are the longest running Trade Association in the world for this sector. VKC offers help and advice to ECITA members, as well as non-member companies. We also offer help and advice to consumers, looking for good quality products and wishing to understand what the compliance means to them, in terms of consumer protection.

ECITA felt that the Electronic Cigarette Industry, as a whole, needed a robust and easily accessible set of standards to help achieve high quality and responsible manufacturing and importation. We sponsored, and provided Technical Authorship for British Standards Institution PAS 54115 (link is external), and are now working with colleagues across Europe on the development of European standards for this sector.  Indeed, ECITA’s Chief Scientific Officer, Tom Pruen, was voted in as Convenor of the Working Group on Eliquids by an overwhelming majority of Member States’ standards delegations.

We continue to believe that it would have been far better - from a population-level public health perspective - to have allowed the academic community to complete another couple of years' worth of scientific research, so that the products and their inherent risks were far better understood, before rushing to regulation for this sector.  However, the Tobacco Products Directive is being implemented in 2016, so we must work hard to help the sector navigate the treacherous path towards compliance with this burdensome set of restrictions and regulations.