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Membership of ECITA is available to all vendors of ecigs, eliquid and/or accessories, subject to our Code of Conduct and payment of the fees.


Membership of ECITA is contingent upon a commitment to compliance with the regulatory law under the General Product Safety Regulations, CHIP et al, as amended over time, as well the the ISE program. 


The ECITA name is beginning to be recognised internationally as synonymous with the Industry Standard of Excellence, so displaying our logo on your site immediately tells consumers that you are a serious vendor who has made a genuine commitment to this Standard of Excellence. (As evidence of this, consider the fact that the ECITA blog has been quoted by international harm reduction experts, and was recently featured on the Center for Regulatory Effectiveness - watchdogs over the FDA - website, described as 'a leading blog in England'.)

We offer a program of assistance with compliance with the law as it stands, and as it changes over time. This is achieved by means of the Industry Standard of Excellence internal auditing programme. ECITA members are audited bi-annually, to ensure that all the necessary legal compliance measures have been followed, and that they have the correct documentation on file to demonstrate due diligence. During this process, we provide advice and assistance to help our members get all the necessary procedures and documents in place. This is not only reassuring to consumers, but also identifies possible weaknesses in the documentation held by each business, so that they can be remedied before any examination by external regulators is requested.


An audit will be undertaken shortly after joining to identify any areas where improvements should be made, and ECITA will offer as much assistance as possible to achieve full compliance.


We are very committed to fully democratic processes, and the full membership is consulted where appropriate so that we can all remain confident that ECITA is representing the wishes of the majority of its members.