At ECITA, we have been through the legal statutes, regulations, and government guidance notes and created the Industry Standard of Excellence. The ISE covers a wide range of legal compliance requirements, as well as setting a high standard for customer service. Join ECITA and you can display our logo on your site, demonstrating your commitment to excellence, and reassuring your customers that they can be confident in the quality, safety and superiority of your products and services.

In light of the current regulatory situation – both nationally and internationally – the UK Electronic Cigarette Industry has formed a united and cohesive body to ensure the correct regulatory framework is applied to these products now and for the future. The MHRA has already indicated its support for this, and we believe that it will assist in achieving greater credibility for our industry with the wider UK Government, and beyond.





ECITA can help as you navigate the rules and regulations, the science and technology, and the ever-changing economic and political climate your business operates in. We are happy to share our expert knowledge of this intricate and exciting industry, helping you avoid some of the pitfalls and perils that line your route to the top.     
At ECITA, we want to help you to operate a legally-compliant, ethical, and above all, successful business. We believe that operating within the law and demonstrating a commitment to ethical business practices gives our members an 'edge' over the competition. It builds consumer confidence which means they will want to develop long-term relationships with you, their suppliers. We want to help you make that move from small enterprise to Big Business!