Sorry… WHO??

By Vicky Grant

Yet another ‘damning’ article, written by the World Harm Organisation, was published today and yet again they have singularly failed to demonstrate any understanding – or even ability to read! Why is it that, with all the research out there in the ether, the WHO is incapable of finding it, even when sent this information directly? So I shall endeavour, World ‘Health’ Organisation, to fill in some blanks for you. (Don’t worry – I’ll use small words, and try to communicate plainly.)

Vapers, correct me if I am wrong, but I have never heard of, nor experienced a cartridge filled with 100mg/ml strength of nicotine!? In fact this would be not only stupid, but very cost ineffective, from the point of the manufacturer and/or supplier. Maybe, rather than making this stuff up, the WHO could spend a little time purchasing a few of these items so that they could see for themselves, or better still actually DO some unbiased research on the products they ‘believe’ to be, and publicly decry as, so terrible. But maybe I am missing the point, and I digress.

Now this makes my blood boil…. ‘The safety of ENDS has not been scientifically demonstrated’ Have these people been living under rocks all this time?? Are you seriously telling me that NO scientific research has been done on the safety of these products? Was I imagining listening to Professor  Jean-François Etter, make an unbiased presentation of his research on electronic cigarettes at the ENVI workshop? (Link to Professor Etter’s thoughts.) Clearly I must have, since his research does not actually exist! The fact that Dr Roberto Bertollini, Chief Scientist and World Harm Organisation representative, was sitting on the same panel, indicates he had either fallen asleep, had his fingers in his ears, or just simply didn’t understand that he should have been paying attention. If you wish to know more please cast your eyes over this.  The fact that this research would have probably landed on all their desks, prior to the event for them to have a read through, means that the research probably contained information that the World Harm Organisation doesn’t want to hear.  Now, you see, if this was the only research done, I could probably find it in my heart to forgive them for missing it…. But it’s not! There are many other pieces of research and reports out there for all to see:

Dr Tobias Schripp performed a study, ‘Does e-cigarette consumption cause passive vaping?’ which researched the effect of vapour on indoor-air and second-hand vapour.

Dr Maciej L. Goniewicz has done another research paper: Levels of selected carcinogens and toxicants in vapour from electronic cigarettes. Again, this examines the safety of e-cigarettes.

Oh look!  There are 2 research papers I have managed to find and there are more out there, so why is it, I ask myself, apparently completely impossible for the World ‘Health’ Organisation to find this information for themselves?? In my honest opinion, it isn’t that they haven’t read this – and more.  It is that, for some reason, it does not say what they want to hear.

So why is the WHO still bleating on about not knowing anything about e-cigs and vapour? Is it because of the money that stands to be lost by the big ‘I am’s’; the health of the world’s citizens; or (more likely) due the fact that they have considerable quantities of ‘egg on their faces’, since it is the smokers themselves – yes, those very pariahs so resoundingly reviled and viewed as a scourge by the WHO – who have sounded the death knell for deadly tobacco smoking? All by themselves? Without any help from the Public Health Industry, the Tobacco Control Industry, or the WHO?

Well good on you, WHO. You should feel embarrassed; you have done nothing; you continue to do nothing to help. The best thing to do would be to slither off, back to your rock, and let the people decide if electronic cigarettes are right for them to use, because – let’s face it – we have found something miraculous all by ourselves. And all you can do is scaremonger and watch your coffers empty away. You have seriously lost sight of your role in public health. According to your website, you are “responsible for providing leadership on global health matters, shaping the health research agenda…”.

Isn’t it closer to the truth that you are responsible for making bucket-loads of cash for your pharma buddies from the suffering of others??

I will leave that to you to answer, but know this: others will make up their own minds and judge you on your actions.

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8 Responses to Sorry… WHO??

  1. Bill Godshall says:

    This is the most inhumane and unethical public health malpractice ever committed by WHO.

    Everyone at WHO involved with this conspiracy to lie and kill smokers should be fired and prosecuted for crimes against humanity.

  2. Fernando says:

    I want control over ecigs to help the user, but not ban

    • samoensmark says:

      This control already exists in consumer protection law. This is not about banning a product it is about the who being so obviously bought. There simply can’t be another explaination.

  3. samoensmark says:

    PG is an irritant when inhaled, unlike WHO documents which are an irritant when read. Can this be legally acceptable for them publish this, if thos were a press article we could at least refer it to the PCC. The Agenda here cannot be an over zealous, misguided need to regulate. This statement must have have been paid for. Lie after lie.

  4. Bruce Bushby says:


    Seriously…..why are you not encouraging the suppliers of electronic cigarettes to lodge an immediate appeal in the European Court of Justice?

    There is a mountain of evidence showing

    1. Corruption:

    2. Greed:

    3. Gross incompetence and dereliction of duties:
    Complete failure by MEPs to research and understand the subject they have voted on.

    …yet you choose to write letters and sit on a pavement, palms up, hoping they’ll throw you some change.

    Become the “Plaintiff” and NOT the “defendant”

    • admin says:

      Until a directive is passed, and then enacted by one of the member states as national law, it cannot be opposed in the ECJ. If we get that far before the EU see sense, we will of course do that. Until then, the fight goes on in the political arena.

  5. lizzie says:

    The government drops plans for plain packs, and everyone’s saying this will cost lives. I’m just gobsmacked at the hypocrisy of the Labour party, especially as it is their MEPs who voted for what will be effectively a ban on e cigs. E cigs will save lives not plain cigarette packets. The answer is staring them all in the face.

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