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Welcome to ECITA

Founded in March 2010, ECITA is the longest-running trade association for the electronic cigarette industry. We are also one of only two ECig Trade Associations in the world (the Irish Association having followed our example) which is not managed/operated by those engaged in the sale of vaping products, directly or indirectly, which makes it easier for us to represent the interests of our members - and their customers - fairly and fully. We developed the Industry Standard of Excellence, and our members are audited bi-annually to ensure they are fully compliant with all the legal requirements. We also sponsored and provided Technical Authorship for the British Standards Institution PAS 54115, published in July 2015.

Industry Standard of Excellence


News & Press Releases
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26, Aug, 2015
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28, Aug, 2015
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19, Aug, 2015
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27, Jul, 2015
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